About Me

My name is Amber Van Meter. I have created high-quality artisan (lampwork) beads for over eight years now. I also have over 15 years of experience in jewelry design and silver work.

My beads are made by me in my home studio. They are thoroughly inspected for flaws or defects. I properly kiln-anneal them to reduce the possibility of breakage due to internal stress. The beads are thoroughly cleaned and ready for your use as soon as you receive them. Most importantly, all of this means my beads are not mass-produced and are of the highest quality I can achieve.

I have joined forces with a group of Self Representing Artists (or SRA) who are dedicated to educating the public about artisan glass beads versus mass-produced beads which have a low "shelf life". You will find me posting quite frequently on WetCanvas.com, or LampworkEtc.com, online communities for glass artists and collectors.

Otherwise, I'm in my studio, creating those teeny works of art we call beads. :)

Iím always open to suggestions for new designs so please feel free to contact me via email or by mail any time. The only thing I will not do for you is COPY another artistís designs.


Warm regards,

Amber Van Meter


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